Lighting up our LED Driving Light range - The 155 Watt

It's hard to imagine such an ideal headlight, heavy duty design and light quality technology make LED driving lights a safer, brighter future for off roading.




Dobinsons' LED Driving Lights provide maximum brightness within a millionth of a second, (compared with a half second needed by incandescent and halogen driving lights). This means no annoying warm up time and allows you to quickly change your driving to suit any conditions, avoiding potential hazards sooner.


Brighter than our current Round LED driving light range, the 155 Watt emits around 24,955 lumens giving off the warmth of incandescence and multi faceted vibrancy of light emitting diodes. That's an output of 161 lumens per watt and per single square milometer. 


Using a combination of pencil beam and wide spread beam the new 155 Watt is most effective all round lighting your vehicle can carry. With targeted light beam technology our LED driving lights are solid state, containing no moving parts, they are waterproof and designed with vented fins to prevent heat sink and increase airflow.


Each light guarantees 15, 0000 hours of energy efficient vision, that's over 5 years of driving over 8 hours a day.

On average LED lighting lasts 25 times longer than standard driving lights. 

Energy Efficient

Extremely energy efficient, the 155 Watt wont add any “work” to your vehicles’ electrical system, even if you have your fridge and stereo pumping too.  

Running cooler than halogen driving lights, the new 155 Watt draws up to 85% less energy.

Low Maintenance

Replacing LED driving lights far less often without messy ballasts to check, even cleaning time is reduced. 

Advanced Technology

LED technological advancement is the filament tower configuration allowing individual light sources to overlap, creating an omni-directional glow, ideal for drive lighting as light is emitting from every direction.

Advanced Design 

Our LED driving lights are solid state, containing no moving parts, they are heavy duty, powder coated, waterproof and designed with vented fins to prevent heat sink and increase airflow.

Dobinsons Spring & Suspension is supplied by Cree. Cree are seen as one of the best and brightest lighting innovators.

In 2015 Cree was named in Fast Company's list of the 50 Most Innovative Companies in the World, Cree placed No. 12 overall & No. 1 the Energy sector.