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Dual Battery Kit

Make your camping trip more enjoyable and safer by fitting a reliable Dobinsons Dual Battery Kit to meet your everyday needs.

With a powerful 140amp capacity, 13.3v cut in and 12.8v cut out and an additional 5m of cable for rear mounted batteries, you’re set to go!

Does not suit FORD PX Ranger as vehicle is equipped with a Smart Charge alternator.
Vehicle requires DC to DC charger for Dual Battery Setup
Vehicle requires FORD dealer to perform Smart Charge Disconnect (This may affect vehicle performance and economy).

Dual Battery Trays

Dual battery systems provide you with extra power when using an assortment of accessories – without taking the risk of flattening the main battery.


  • *Suits vehicles with style-side/well-back/tub design.
  • Vehicles with tray/drop-side tray use universal under-tray battery tray.

All trays are to suit 12” N70zz battery size unless noted otherwise.
These trays are able to be sold separately or in conjunction with our dual battery management kits.
All of Dobinson’s dual battery trays are made to suit 12″ N70zz battery size unless otherwise noted.

Dual Battery Voltage Monitor

Displays both battery readings simultaneously and mounts beside the gearbox in your vehicle.


  • Sold Separately 
  • Backlit LCD Screen
  • Sold with Fitting Guide
  • Displays Both Battery Readings Simultaneously
  • Reversible Display Screen for Overhead and Foot Well Mounting