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Steel & Synthetic Rope Winches

The complete range of THE 2ND GENERATION ELECTRIC WINCHES has arrived!

This new range is re-engineered, re-designed and stronger in every way.

Whether you require the flexibility of synthetic rope winches or prefer the traditional steel cable winches, Dobinsons has it. Match your New 2nd Generation Winch with our winch accessories and you’ll be ready for action!

Both the Synthetic and Steel Rope Winch types come in two different capacities, 9,500Lbs and 12,000Lbs.

Steel Rope Winch

Synthetic Rope Winch

Remote Control


  • Steel Cable or Synthetic Rope Option Available in Both Sizes
  • Heavy Duty Gloves
  • Hand Held Control and Wireless Remote
  • Rotating Ring Gear Clutch
  • 64 x 224mm Drum
  • Automatic Braking Action
  • 3 Stage Planetary Gears
  • Plug In Control Range of up to 3 Metres
  • Control Box Mounting Brackets: Control Box to Cross Rods, Motor Housing & Flat Surfaces/Bartops

Hand Winch


  • CE Approved & TUV Approved
  • Aluminium Light Weight, Corrosion Resistant Winch Body
  • 20m High Strength Galvanised Cable
  • 1,600Kg Capacity
  • Comes with Heavy Duty Carry Bag


Synthetic Rope


  • High Grade Dyneema SK75
  • Ultra Light to Reduce Front Axle Weight
  • Includes Rope Protector
  • Stronger than Steel Cable
  • Requires Part EW80-3823 for Use
  • 14,200lb (30m x 10mm)
  • 18,000lb (30m x 11mm)


The synthetic rope must be used with the aluminium fairlead/hawse (EW80-3820) and the large body synthetic rope winch hook (EW80-3823). These parts are required for use with synthetic rope products.


Aluminium Fairlead


  • Compatible with Most Bullbars
  • Manufactured from Precision Formed Aluminium 
  • Required for Use with Synthetic Rope
  • Assists in Preventing Pinching, Kinks and Frays Normally Associated with Guiding Rope

Large Body Synthetic Rope Winch Hook


  • Required for Use with Synthetic Rope

Damper Blanket


  • Manufactured from High Quality PVC 
  • Long Internal Velcro Straps to Reduce Slipping
  • Specifically Designed to Absorb the Maximum Amount of Potential Energy in the Event the Rope/Strap Should Break