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Manufactured from high quality structural steel, Dobinsons bullbars are CNC cut, bent and welded for accurate fitment and optimum strength and durability.

Classic Black Bull Bar

Classic Black Deluxe Bull Bar

Stainless Loop Deluxe Bull Bar

Features include:

  • Airbag and winch compatible
  • Driving light mounts
  • LED indicator and park lights
  • Heavy duty powder-coat finish
  • Dual re-enforced hi-lift jacking points
  • Dual aerial mounts
  • Polyurethane bumper overiders
  • Re-enforced bullbar wing tips
  • Seperate winch cradle to chassis mounting system allows excess weight and load to be supported directly by the chassis
  • 3mm Thick Main Body
  • 4mm + 5mm Thick Bracketry
  • 1.6mm Bash Plates
  • 51mm Upper loops on Classic Black and Classic Black Deluxe (60mm Landcruiser 200 Series)
  • 76mm centre loop and 51mm side loops on Stainless Loop Deluxe models


Classic Black and Classic Black Deluxe Bull Bars are supplied with a black finish. Stainless Loop Deluxe Bull Bars are supplied with a black finish and stainless steel loops. Colour matching can be performed by your local automotive spray painter.

Due to the additional weight when fitting a Bull Bar and/or Winch, the vehicle’s ride height will be lowered. Dobinsons Spring & Suspension suggest replacing the springs with a matched pair of springs to suit the requirement.

Dobinsons Bull Bar Features

Most Dobinsons bullbars are also equipped with centre and side protection plates for the underside of the bullbar.

A crucial feature to help protect vital vehicle components when off-road driving.

Separate winch cradle to chassis mounting system allows the additional weight of the wing and winching load to be supported directly by the chassis.

Manufacturing Process

CNC Laser Profile Cutting ensures perfect accuracy and consistent quality every time without causing unwanted heat distortion.

CNC Hydraulic sheet bending machines ensures that the bullbar corner folds are accurate every time without deviation.

The tube loops in Dobinsons bullbars are made from tube with up to 2.0mm wall thickness* and are bent using CNC Mandrell Bending for uniform shape and wall thickness.

Computer programmed robotic welders are used for repetitive intricate welding joins to improve efficiency and accuracy.

All bullbars are jig assembled, hand tack welded and then finish welded to ensure accuracy and perfect fitment of each bullbar.

All bullbars are first chemically cleaned, followed by zinc phosphate pre-treatment then powder-coated satin black for a high quality, corrosion resistant aesthetic finish.