Catalogue Revision  - 01/03/2017


Date Catalogue Vehicle Code Position Section Alteration Revision
01/03/2017 4x4 Suspension TOY-102 Rear Coil Spring Added part numbers C59-505, C59-505, C59-325 MAR17 Rev 3
01/03/2017 4x4 Suspension JEEP-64 Rear Coil Spring Red note added to C29-151 'For Non Trailhawk Models it is recommended to use OEM Trailhawk Rear Lower Control Arms to centralise the rear tyre.' MAR17 Rev 2
01/03/2017 4x4 Suspension KIA-55 Vehicle Details Year Changed from '04/2010 on' to '04/2010 - 2015' MAR17 Rev 1